lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

Jeanne D'Arc Living for Victorianage

 My breakfast was just gorgeous today... I found on my table the
beautiful  Address Book for 2013 signed by "JEANNE D'ARC LIVING "

 .................Days to Remember....and so will be ...promise !!!

Page after page I discover a world that I love where a mix of enchating pictures and atmospheres bring me to my passion in 
a 360° tour of the full book !!

All images  remind me of good and past times

so my breakfast table was set to guest this fabulous Address book with all honours

All I love is here ...tea...cookies...a candle light stitching work and  Jeanne D'Arc Living Book...what else ??

Today we greet the year that goes by...and this gift just made perfect the end of 2012 !!

While reading and sipping my tea I can just enjoy seeing the vintage world I adore displayed in every single page...omg !!!

Thank you so much to all JEANNE D'ARC LIVING team friends for giving me the chanche to win your Perpetual  Calendar and Address Book I'm more than honoured to have it in my hands ....

...and I can just suggest to my friends and followers to have IT at home as it 's a little big treasure to  show on your bedside table

December 31st 2012
.....a Day to Remember....
Happy New Year All
S u s a n n a

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